[Updated 10-07-2014]

  • The Intervention Series holds a "standard" of writing; we ask that you write to the best of your ability, age, and (or) education level.
    • This "standard" is to ensure a enjoyable, well written, and educational written role playing game experience for all Players, Staff, and outside Readers (not playing in the game) involved.
  • To quote Vehn,

"Part of the magic of this type of writing style, this craft, so to speak, is that things aren't spelled out for you. You build the road as you travel along it. Sometimes it is very smooth, other times it can remind you of a California highway, poorly maintained and out of control. It is that out of control element, the element of surprise, of driving with blinders on that really attracts me to this particular way of telling a story. There is nothing quite like the feeling of not knowing what is waiting for your character right around the corner and there are times, and I still get this feeling, where I feel like a kid in a candy store waiting for someone to respond to my character's post, to see what new wrinkle is put into the fabric of the roleplay environment.

Give and take. Anticipate, release, let go, have fun. Common themes we all have experienced with this sort of writing in the past, present, and we all would like to help well into the future. To interact with others, in a galaxy far, far, away is a special experience. You form bonds with the people that you do this sort of writing with, the kind of bonds that seem to transcend traditional friendships. When things flow, they really flow. You seem to "get" the other role players. A lot of that understanding of the writing craft, of what we do here on these boards, comes with our common passion for Star Wars and for telling a good tale.

When you roleplay, there comes with it a heavy need for common sense and a basic understandings of the workings of this particular format."

  • The Intervention Series holds that players should try to the best of their abilities, to the extent that other obligations outside of role playing restrict them to, to spend a reasonably adequate amount of time to read other players' posts to generate quality responses to tags. If this means you need to post a Out-of-Game (OOG) comment in the game thread or in the Rocketjock to explain a delay in responding to a tag so you can thoroughly read through another player's post before responding, please do.
  • All reasonable and realistic attempts by all staff and players to thoroughly read and respond to tags in a thoughtful way should be made; this includes reading the small details about what other players should or should not know, can or cannot do.