Vulture-class Low Altitude Medical Transport

A sub-class of the Vulture-class Low Altitude Utility Transport.


"Designed to be a dedicated assault ship to land thousands of troops, equipment, supplies, and give them the tactical orbital support, base of operations, and other logistical support that a D-class Destroyer could simply not provide---since they were not designed for such a mission profile---the Liberty-class gave the Terran Federation the tactical advantage, finally, over the Sethas and Po'leks in terms of ground combat and planetary siege warfare."

Crew (4)

  • Pilot (Flight Lieutenant)
  • Co-Pilot (Flying Officer)
  • 2 Medics


  • None


  • 6 (General) or 3 (Critical Condition)

Special Notes

  • Armor; is heavier armor along the belly and cockpit to protect from ground-fire
  • Paint; white pain scheme with red cockpit & tail. Medical crosses are red as well.


The Medical Corps has been conducting field tests with a newer medical transport, which should start to replace the Vulture-class Medical Transport completely within the next few years. But yet, at every Medical Outpost, for every new medical transport, there are two older Vulture-class Medical Transports standing by to do the job they've done for 30 years.