Vulture-class Low Altitude Gunship

Sub-class of the Vulture-class Low Altitude Utility Transport.


Crew (4)

  • Captain; Pilot
  • Flight Lieutenant; Co-Pilot
  • Staff Sergeant; door gunner
  • Sergeant; door gunner



  • 6 soldiers

Special Notes

  • Armor; Thicker armor
  • Sensors: ScanStar Mark III FarSight Assault Module Two
  • Targeting System: Targeting Systems Corp Mark Four


The Gunship model, the most notable difference in the model's production line, features heavier armor, improved engines, and better sensors and a decent targeting system for a gunship. The Vulture-class Gunship originally came out 30 years ago and has faced retirement two times over by the Strike Eagle-class Low Altitude Craft---which came out 15 years ago---which is a dedicated hard-hitting gunship. Despite newer models, however, while Strike Eagles proved vastly more efficient then the Vulture-class Gunship in combat roles, the Strike Eagle's inability to carry soldiers, higher grade fuel and hence higher fuel costs, and more expensive parts for a single production model craft has enabled the Vulture-class Gunship to stay on the front lines with the ability to interchange parts with other Vulture-class models when needed and using the same fuel type as the other models. With the introduction of the Guardian-class Low Altitude Heavy Weapons Platform, and later the Guardian II-class, the Vulture-class Gunship has seen less and less use. However, towards the end of the Sethas-Po'leks Wars of Aggression and heavy losses and expensive replacement parts for the Strike Eagles, and heavy production costs of the Guardian II's, the Vulture-class Gunship has seen a resurgence to the front lines once again. After the war, however, active pressure was put on the Federal Army by Congress to start to retire the Gunship and while the newest Super Strike Eagle-class Gunship has started replacing both the Vulture and original 15 year old Strike Eagle-class Gunship, the aging Vulture-class has still seen use in outlaying garrisons and as a escort role to standard Vulture-class Troop Transports in large formations where firepower over accuracy is key.