The Organization is a ultra top-secret Corellian super spy agency that has no official connections to the government of Corellia. However, certain theories suggest that the Corellian Diktat is aware of The Organization's particular offers of assistance, intelligence, & protection, if it is ever needed, but even the Diktat is generally unaware of The Organization or it's personnel itself in most proposed theories and thinks of any facts of The Organization's existence as nothing more then myths.

The Organization is a agency that looks after Corellian interests, assets, and people of Corellia with special interest to the overall security of the galaxy as it relates to Corellia. Certain theories have been forwarded that The Organization was formed in the general uneasiness and threats to Corellia during the earliest years of the Galactic Republic, as a means to prepare the Corellian people and government, through intelligence gathering means, for independence from the government or in the event that the Galactic Republic collapsed. It has been further proposed that, through time, The Organization fell into disuse or little importance as the Galactic Republic grew and more conventional spy and intelligence gathering agencies arose to support more public transparent government funded agencies and military branches. Most theorists agree that The Organization used this time to reorganize it's assets, personnel, structure, and mission to reflect a changing Corellia, a changing government, and a changing galaxy in order to remain virtually invisible.

It has been said that Corellian Knights, a group of Jedi related to the Corellian Jedi who chose to serve The Organization secretly and become it's valued protectors and largest group of surviving Jedi after Order 66, are connected to not only The Organization, but also has deep connections to the Queen's Guardsmen and House of Royal Intelligence since The Organization and Red Rock Kingdom first met in 27,395 BBY.