Sub-class of the Super Leviathan-class Heavy Lift Transport.


Crew (3)

  • Flight Lieutenant; Pilot
  • Flying Officer; Co-Pilot
  • Staff Sergeant; Crew Chief (hold manager; security; remote turret gunner)


Passengers (16)

  • 1 Captain (Commanding Officer)
  • 1 Commander (Chief Intelligence Officer)
  • 1 Lieutenant Commander (Chief Electronic Attack Officer)
  • 1 Lieutenant (Chief Electronic Protection Officer)
  • 1 Sub-Lieutenant (Chief Electronic Warfare Support Officer)
  • 1 Ensign (Chief Signals Intelligence)
  • 10 Technicians (with consoles)


  • Equipped with highly classified EW technology
  • Equipped with Refresher
  • Equipped with 10 bunks for rotating night shift (8 Passenger/1 pilot/1 Crew Chief)
  • Equipped with extra rations for up to 96 hours
  • Equipped with 4 regular exterior fuel pods for extended flight (interior wing mount)
  • Equipped with 1 large exterior fuel pod (belly)



Put into service around year 5 of the Sethas-Po'leks Wars of Aggression. Can stay in flight for up to 48 hours without refueling.