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30-round clip; silencer optional.

The Shark Tactical Pistol is part of the All-Environment Combat Armor (ECA) and the New Fleet Modernization Program (NFMP). Integrated with the ECA, the Shark Tactical Pistol provides a head-ups display in the Chemical and Biological Filter System Mask, including a basic HUD display on zoom-in and zoom-out on the range scope with targeting range data, rounds left in mag, heat of weapon, and any other jamming or damage alerts on the pistol. Furthermore, the Shark Tactical Pistol features a newly designed ADES Round, called the Mini Armor Piercing Depleted Uranium Semi-Explosive Small Arms Round (M-ADES Round). While less powerful then the original ADES Round, the M-ADES is significantly more powerful then any currently Army-issued pistol rounds.

Regardless of the future of the ECA, the Federal Army has openly stated that the Shark Tactical Pistol will replace all Army-issued pistols by two years after Operation Clean Sweep.