A test-program formed by three critically combat wounded personnel, each representing a different section of The Organization's Office of Field Operations, including: one Deep Cover Agent (Agent Alpha) and two Organization Security Agents (Agent Mu & Agent Omega).

Known officially as SAT One, the three personnel team is a prototype-based program seeking to turn critically wounded Organization personnel into highly trained cyborg assets in the field. Used primarily as a test-bed for advanced prototype stage technology to be implemented in other avenues within The Organization at future dates, SAT One is providing Organization command personnel with actual field-test data for technology uses.

As a matter of mission protocol, SAT One is being deployed on a limited biases to high value asset missions, using their superior technology to protect assets, counter enemy actions to assets, and perform intelligence gathering missions.

The success or failure of SAT One in multiple field trials will determine the continued existence and advancement of cyborg technology with wounded veterans within The Organization, as well as other applications.