A Regional Operations Supervisor (ROS) is a veteran OSA or DCA that has showed exceptional ability in the field. ROSs provide in-field management authority for agents in the field and often assist in mission for OSAs and DCAs in need of help on a mission. ROSs are stationed throughout the known and unknown parts of the galaxy in top-secret Field Offices.

ROSs oversee 1 to 6 DCAs in the field at a time and are a DCAs direct and immediate point of contact to the rest of The Organization, as well as logistical support; ROSs typically oversee or manage teams of OSAs within the same regional authority of the DCAs.

ROS are usually supported by at least 5 Technicians in their Field Offices, as well as at least 3 teams of three-man OSAs for 24-hour security (1 OSA team covers a 8 hour shift). Furthermore, the OSAs provide a mobile quick-reaction force for ROSs in the event that a DCA or other OSA team needs immediate assistance in fear of being discovered, captured, or wiped out.