A quiet player in the bit for the Red Rock, Mon Mothma and Alliance High Command wish to keep the Red Rock from the hands of the Imperials and gain the rumored unlimited power supply and healing power for their war effort against the Empire. While Mon Mothma and her top commanders stay to their morals and ethics even in the face of a unlimited power supply that can give the Rebels the upper hand in the long Galactic Civil War, certain other fractions within the Rebel Alliance wish to see the Empire destroyed without pity and spare the ethics and moral speech, while others see the Red Rock as a quick means to becoming rich and powerful. While a traitorous Rebel Intelligence Bothan Colonel and a security commander aboard the Rebel cruiser Red Ocean each have their own agendas---one to destroy the Empire, the other to become rich and powerful by means of a secret and hidden Sith Lord----the Mercs and the Sith Lord disrupt plans of both.

Now alert to the division within the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma can not trust her own top commanders, who someone linked the information about the Red Rock in the first place to others. Knowing that the Rebel Alliance can be split by a power struggle, Mon Mothma employs all her skills as a diplomat to undercover the truth, including going to the length of trying to kill her own friend and supporter, Captain Rick Taller of the Mercs, to narrow the field of suspects down. Or is there another motive for her trying to kill Captain Taller?