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Peter Gallic is a Homicide CorSec Inspector who works for the Corellian Security Force. A young Detective in his late twenties, Gallic worked his way up the ladder through first being a Police Officer after graduating the CorSec Academy; after 6 years on the streets in patrol, Gallic tested for and was accepted into being a CorSec Inspector.

Gallic is a career CorSec Officer, his father and grandfather serving CorSec with remarkable careers in both Patrol (father) and Inspector (grandfather). Because of his family's long history with the agency, Gallic was see, at first, as a privileged brat who simply followed in his family's footsteps to get an easy job. Despite this stigma, Gallic would prove himself time and time again, earning the respect he now deserves.

Despite this respect, however, Gallic's father was accused of criminal activity towards the end of his career and although it was proved to be unfounded and the charges dismissed, the stain on his father's otherwise decorated 25 year career would lead to an alcoholic life after retirement and later suicide of Peter's father within Peter's first year with CorSec. Those events traumatized Peter and his family, but the younger Gallic found supporters within CorSec, mainly members who had served with his father and felt that the charges were never true. However, the elder Gallic still had people that felt he was a criminal and now seek to not trust the younger Peter Gallic or ruin his career.

Peter is known as getting over his head, often times going outside of his jurisdiction and orders to accomplish a task or find "the truth" in a case he is assigned to. While his eager approach to solve crime is admired by others in CorSec, his superiors often times have to warn the younger Gallic to stay within his "job title".