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As a Terran Federation politician put it, "The Liberty-class won the war in nine months." The unbelievable versatile nature of the Liberty-class from Assault Ship to Heavy Frigate to Cargo Vessel to Hospital Ship provides a unlimited future for the ship that has now become the new work horse of the Federal Navy and the Terran Federation. The future for the Liberty-class is limitless.

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"Designed to be a dedicated assault ship to land thousands of troops, equipment, supplies, and give them the tactical orbital support, base of operations, and other logistical support that a D-class Destroyer could simply not provide---since they were not designed for such a mission profile---the Liberty-class gave the Terran Federation the tactical advantage, finally, over the Sethas and Po'leks in terms of ground combat and planetary siege warfare."






Maximum Acceleration:
Maximum Speed (atmosphere):
Engine Units:
Hyperdrive Rating:
Hyperdrive Rating (normal, back-up):
Power Plant:
Armor (Hull plating):


Special Design Features

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"With highly sophisticated sensors and communications, a single Liberty-class Assault Ship could act as a mobile command post for a world-wide invasion and often surpassed Super Carriers in command post roles during planetary invasions."



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"Powerful orbital bombardments with heavy turbolasers and multiple missile packages ensured even the strongest of Fortress Worlds didn't stand a chance. After a bloody onslaught of firepower to reduce defenses to rubble, the Liberty-class would deploy it's formidable ground forces. Able to enter the atmosphere of a planet, the Assault Ships could deploy forces both from a orbital deployment with space-capable craft and by opening it's own belly cargo bays in the skies of a planet and unleashing numerous ground forces."

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Special Notes

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History Edit

"While supporters of the Configurate D-class Destroyer and her earlier models will stand-by the fact that---and history would agree---that the Destroyer line was the work horse of the Terran Federation, no one will deny the Liberty-class's impact on the war, even during it's last stages of bloody warfare."

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