An Operations Manager (OM) is a veteran field agent from either the OSA or DCA that has served on and has survived with a remarkable field record in the line of duty with a unique skill set and ability that has proved useful as a manager of people. Most OMs should be considered extremely deadly, ruthless, and calculating in the success of their mission assignments. Despite their more cold-blooded traits, OMs are also extremely resourceful, battlefield strategists, and always think on their feet and outside the box.

Operation Managers hold mission authority for any Field Operations they oversee and reserve the power to make decisions separate from the Director and Deputy Director in the event the Regional Operations Manager (ROM) is not present; in the event the ROM is present, OMs are simply advised the situation by the ROM and OMs can still make mission decisions that override ROM advice.

There are only 6 Operations Managers in whole of The Organization, highlighting their importance and power, serving directly under the Deputy Director & Director; OMs, Deputy Director, and Director make up what is called the Council of Corellia, or the governing body and power making structure of The Organization.