Official Game Timeline

  • The Intervention Series works "around" and (or) "in between" Star War cannon approved events within the Star Wars Galaxy. In respect to that, the Intervention Series tries to make an engaging role playing experience while involving the Star Wars Galaxy canon events into our game.
  • The Intervention Series (and all other Intervention community board threads and off-site websites) adhere to both the accepted LucasFilm Story Group Approved Canon and the new Legends labeled Expanded Universe, which is considered non-canon, but has valuable resources the Intervention Series will gleam from until Canon either supports or abolishes it's credibility in the Star Wars galaxy.
  • In light of the Legends reference, the Intervention Galaxy (all threads and off-site websites labeled "Intervention") does establish certain AU (Alternate Universe) principles to it's game storyline in order to better suit it's players,staff, and storyline. In reference to that, however, it should be noted that all AU within the Intervention Series is strictly

structured around Canon-approved sources, i.e., we don't affect, change, or alter the historical context of the LucasFilm Story Group Canon (where possible and preventable) in the Star Wars galaxy to suit the game. We simply work our specific AU around, alongside, and within the Canon approved context of the Star Wars galaxy.