Black knight

Designed to replace the aging M2 Bradley. Part of the New Fleet Modernization Program (NFMP), the Mobile Tactical Fighting Vehicle (M-TFV) is smaller then the Bradley and cannot carry soldiers. While this seems as a limitation in some military circles, the M-TFV has greater speed, mobility, armor protection, and communications/sensors systems.


Manufacturer: Striker Heavy Munitions Works

Model: Mobile Tactical Fighting Vehilce

Class: Infantry Fighting Vehicle


  • Patrol
  • Reconnaissance
  • Infantry support
  • Armor support

Cost: Not available for sale

Length: 5 meters

Height: 3 meters

Width: 3.3 meters

Maximum Speed: 45 mph
Engine Units: N/A
Sensor and Communications Systems:

  • Highly classified

Special Design Features
  • All exterior weapons can be equipped with CROWS
  • Blast absorbing mind resistant seating
  • Mine-resistant under-belly

Crew, Passengers, & Cargo

Crew: 3

  • 1 Driver
  • 1 Commanding Officer
  • 1 Gunner


  • None

Cargo Capacity: N/A

Special Notes

Comes equipped with the following in case of an emergency and the crew has to leave the vehicle:




Designed and built by Striker Heavy Munitions Works for the New Fleet Modernization Program, Striker feared the rise of the relatively unknown Poole and Associates Armor Company with the development of their All-Terrain Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AT-IFV) for the Federal Army. Not wanting to loose the market- area for Armored Fighting Vehicles, Striker poured all of their vastly more superior money and resources into creating the Mobile Tactical Fighting Vehicle (M-TFV). The end result was a vastly technology superior and reconnaissance able M-TFV.

The M-TFV has proved the perfect match to Striker's heavier Conquer II-class Assault Tank, providing the tanks with a smaller M-TFV that can scout ahead of armored formations, provide escort protection with respectable firepower, and have a highly classified sensor and communications system that provides field commanders with amazing up-to-date battle knowledge and information.

M-TFV crews are specialty trained by Striker Heavy Munitions Works trainers and are sworn to secrecy on the highly advanced technology. M-TFV crews are often times used as deep reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines and can be expected to be away from main forces for days or weeks at a time.