A starfighter / commando centered mercenary group who hail from the modified Marauder-class Corvette Johnny Boy. While "home" is Port Haven, the "Mercs" as their called, have always felt a special connection to their carrier ship and command post, the Johnny Boy.

Formed from former Grand Army of the Republic infantry Captain Rick Taller directly following the end of the Clone Wars, the Mercs found their early identity in like-minded rogues as Taller, men mostly from his disbanded non-clone infantry brigade from the Clone Wars, and GAR clones who refused to follow Order 66. While the early Mercs found their fighting strength in small-scale hit and run missions using mostly infantry with limited starfighter support, their tactics would evolve into small-scale pin-point hit-and-run tactics using mostly starfighter pilots doubling as commandos supported by limited organic and droid infantry squads. Since the day of their creation, Captain Rick Taller especially, the Mercs have devoted themselves to the deaths or imprisonment of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the resurrection of the Jedi Order, and the establishment of the Old Republic as the central galactic government.

Through 18 years of hard fighting---victories and setbacks---the Mercs have found themselves in the middle of a galactic secret war involving the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, the mythical and legendary Kingdom of Jod, and a mystery enemy known as The Beasts. Though initially not wanting anything to do with the secret war, Taller's hand was forced when the Empire attacked his Mercs. Now, out to keep the "Red Rock" out of the Empire's hands and find a way to strike a blow at the Empire, Taller and his Mercs have fought off traitorous Rebels, Imperial agents, and mysterious Beasts in order to save the galaxy from the Empire's evil plans with the "Red Rock". Forming an alliance with what they hope are honest Rebels and the mythical Kingdom of Jod, the Mercs / Kingdom of Jod have combined their forces to form the Guardians' Reliance Fleet (GRF).

Renamed the Guardians by Captain Taller in response to a Kingdom of Jod prophecy that has the Mercs listed as heroes in the coming darkness behind the Galactic Civil War, the Mercs have readied themselves with a weakened Kingdom of Jod task force and a few Rebels to launch a all-out attack against a secret Imperial military research project known as Project Zero, in hopes of destroying the threat of the Red Rock by the Imperials to the galaxy forever.