Designed and built by Striker Heavy Munitions Works, the M2 Bradley has been the battle-tested backbone of the Infantry Fighting Vehicle force for the Federal Army for decades. Reliable, rugged, and trusted, the M2 Bradley was needing desperate replacing by the time the Sethas-Pol'leks Wars of Aggression came about, the M2 Bradley already in service for nearly 30 years.

The M2 Bradley is in the process of being replaced en-mass by Striker Heavy Munitions Works' newest design, the Mobile Tactical Fighting Vehicle. All M2 Bradleys are either being rotated to likewise aging Configurate-D class Destroyers assigned to Planetary Defense Assignment (PDA) or Escort Operations (EO), defensive outposts of little importance, or (as in the majority) being outright sold to help supplement the funding of the New Fleet Modernization Program.