The Kraken-class Gunship was designed shortly after the out-break of the Sethas-Po'leks Wars of Aggression as a means to replace older designs and to provide a better-equipped weapons platform for space combat to support various mission profiles. Its long-range capabilities has ensured it a lasting post within the Federal Fleet as a long-range escort.


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The Kraken-class Gunship is designed with range in mind; equipped with specialized fuel-saving engines and able to be further supplied with exterior drop fuel tanks under the main fuselage if need be. In addition to the fuel, the gunship is provided with a small refresher, three beds for a crew rotation on long flights, and a large food supply. While very cramped inside the Gunship with just enough room to squueze by each other, the ship does provide the resources to accomplish long-range missions.

Manufacturer: Star-Drive Industrial Shipyards & Associates

Line: Kraken

Model: Gunship

Class: N/A


  • Gunship
  • Escort

Cost: Not for Sale
Length: 25 meters
Height: N/A
Maximum Acceleration: 80 MGLT
Maximum Speed (atmosphere): N/A
Engine Units: 4 Galaxy Engine's Excel Tactical Maneuverability Engines
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
Hyperdrive Rating (normal, back-up): Class 19 back-up
Power Plant: N/A
Armor (Hull plating): Tatanium-reinforced Alusteel 70 RU
Shields: 100 SBD


"For all the weaponry advancements and ability of the Kraken, the Gunship only has an decent array of communications. Despite this, the sensors and targeting systems are of respectable nature, providing the Gunship with excellent targeting abilities during the heat of combat. However, mobility--and in specific the ability for the Kraken to perform rotation maneuvers at combat speeds---is what provides the Gunship it's true power."

Sensors: N/A

Communications: N/A

Targeting Systems: N/A

Cargo Capacity, Consumables, & Crew

Cargo Capacity: N/A

Consumables: 1 month


  • Officers: 2 (Pilot, Co-pilot/Gunner)
    • Pilot; front lower canopy
    • Co-Pilot/Gunner; sits in rear upper canopy
  • Enlisted: 1 (Mechanic / Weapon Specialist)
    • Sits behind top Co-Pilot seat (not visible with no canopy; handles ship maintenance and concussion/torpedo missiles reloading)

Total: 3


  • 1 Cockpit-Belly mounted Short Range Twin Turbolaser Turret
  • 2 Fuselage side-mounted Medium Range Twin Laser Cannon Turrets




Kraken-class Gunships are carried aboard various ships in the Federal Navy, from Destroyers to Carriers. They are also carried aboard the Liberty-class Assault Ship.

Star-Drive Industrial Shipyards & Associates, who produces the Kraken-class Gunship, has several other companies under it's "Associates" banner, including:

  • Galaxy Engine
  • Star-Drive Engineering Section
  • SureTarget Systems
  • Tactical Communications