Janice Toller
Biographical information
Homeworld Alderaan
Date of Birth 32 BBY
Date of Death 1 BBY
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skin color Caucasian
Military service information
Callsign Lead
Rank Acting Squadron Leader
Status KIA
Chronological and political information
Affiliation(s) MERCs

Biography Edit

Janice grew up the only daughter of Brann Toller, a well-off former fighter pilot who invested a great deal of time in teaching his daughter the art of piloting after his wife, Fey, died during childbirth. As a result, Janice became an adept pilot at a young age, and as she grew older her skills improved. Brann also taught her a great deal about fighter repair and construction, which she proved to be prodigious in, and her ability to modify and repair craft managed to outpace her piloting skills, albeit only by a small margin.

However, as her talent grew, so did her boredom with Alderaan’s peaceful and idyllic lifestyle, and at 17 she stole her father’s old ARC-170 and the family astromech, R2-F6, and headed off to Coruscant to find work. It was there that she met the leader of The Mercs, Captain Rick Taller. Although it took quite a bit of persuasion and a demonstration of her piloting abilities, he eventually agreed to let her join The Mercs, and she has served loyally ever since. While the constantly shifting ranks and the never-ending proximity to death can prove taxing at times, she could never give up the lifestyle, and is content to serve in the front lines of the fighter squadron for the duration of her days, to the point that she passes up offers to work elsewhere.

After two months of boredom on a contract between The Mercs and the peaceful Republic of Watava on the Mid-Rim planet of Watava, actions heats up as the Republic of Watava’s arch enemy, the militaristic Country of Lim (who shares the same world at the Republic of Watava), launches a full out invasion of the Republic of Watava. The Mercs are pressed into battle and get a chance to earn they’re paycheck.

However, tragedy struke as The Mercs trusted long-time team-mate, Acting Squadron Leader Janice Toller, was killed as her starfighter is destroyed before takeoff.

Personality and traits Edit

  • Traits: Janice prefers the cautious, skeptical approach to missions, and is reluctant to put herself or others in more danger than she feels is absolutely necessary. She keeps her cool at all times, and is generally perceived as aloof. Nonetheless, she has a strong sense of pride in her combat abilities, and considers herself “one of the boys.”
  • Likes: When everything goes as planned, the occasional glass of Alderaanian brandy, fine tuning her ship to precise specifications
  • Dislikes: High risk scenarios, Corellian brandy, when mechanics screw up her ship’s configurations
  • Habits: Taps her foot when annoyed

Equipment Edit

Droid Companions Edit

  • R2-F6

Weapons Edit

Starships Edit

Clothing Edit

Light grey jumpsuit with no insignias, black boots

Behind the Scenes Edit

Janice Toller is the Player Character designed by darthramza to be used in several different Role Playing Games hosted on the Jedi Council Forums