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The Glory-class Destroyer is part of the New Fleet Modernization Program and was designed to replace the older and war weary Configurate D-class Destroyer.


Released Year 8 of the Sethas-Po'leks Wars of Aggression, the Glory-class Destroyer was the first major capital ship to enter the Terran Federation's Fleet, as part of the NFMP. It's arrival signaled a massive shift in Terran Federation Military doctrine throughout the war; the Glory-class would carry less troops and ground vehicles and instead would focus more on anti-ship, anti-starfighter, and other space-focused roles. The arrival of the Liberty-class Assault Ships a year later would explain the shift in doctrine. Designed with speed, weaponry, and technology in mind, the Glory-class is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, from armor, Shields, weaponry, and a whole standard for engine technology for the Terran Federation. Fast-tracking targeting computers enables the Glory- class to track starfighters and gunships even with their larger weaponry.

Manufacturer: Terran Engineering Shipwrights

Line: Glory

Model: Destroyer

Class: Star Destroyer (see Anaxes War College System)


Cost: Not available for sale
Length: 1,200 meters
Maximum Acceleration: >3,000
MGLT: 65
Maximum Speed (atmosphere): 1,000 km/h
Engine Units: 5 (1 Star-Drive Engineering Section's Ion Engine Glory-class Main Engine; 4 Star-Drive Engineering Section's Ion Engine Secondary Glory-class Max Engines)
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
Hyperdrive Rating (normal, back-up): Class 18
Power Plant: 1 Ionization Reactor; 1 secondary (much smaller) Ionization Reactor for supplement power and emergency power support (both designed and made by Star-Drive Engineering Section)
Armor (Hull plating): Titanium-reinforced Alusteel with Quadanium Steel frame. Bridge, Hanger Bay, and Reactor Core (Power Plant) are furthermore hardened with Durasteel.
Shields: Rated to that of Home One

Special Design Features

Redundant shielding with shield generators inside the ship to prevent easy destruction.


"With highly sophisticated sensors and communications, a single Liberty-class Assault Ship could act as a mobile command post for a world-wide invasion and often surpassed Super Carriers in command post roles during planetary invasions."


Communications: Tactical Communications' Tactical III Far Reach Communications Operating System (TAC-FRC for short)

Targeting Systems: SureTarget System's SureTarget Space Superiority Tactical Computer Targeting Systems Package (SureTarget-TSP for short)

  • Highly classified by the Terran Federation, this newly developed technology surpasses all other known targeting systems in the known galaxy and allows for quick-targeting of starfighters and gunships by larger ship-based weaponry.

Cargo Capacity: N/A

Consumables: 2 years

Crew: 25,000

Gunners: Unknown

Security: 534

Passengers: 1,368

  • 1,342 Combat Battalion Personnel (see complement below)
  • 26 Aerial Crew
    • 22 Aerial Pilots & Gunners
    • 4 Mechanics


  • 4 Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
    • port and starboard bow; retractable and 180 degree of coverage, 2 port, 2 starboard
      • see rectangular-looking bays along bow side
  • 34 Rapid Fire Medium Range Turbolaser Cannon
    • Essentially a smaller and downgraded version of a DBY-827 with a shorter range and firepower then a standard turbolaser turret; excellent at close range ship to ship combat and anti-starfighter combat.
      • 10 bow, 10 port, 10 starboard, 4 aft


Space Complement

Ground Complement

Aerial Complement

Special Notes



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