A Field Tactical Unit (FTU) is attached to the King's Army under the Infantry and is considered part of Special Forces. A Field Tactical Unit will generally have the same equipment and weaponry as the Infantry (or SCAT, see below), but will often times reduce and/or modify their equipment to be quieter and more stealth-like and paint their faces with black and/or green camouflage (they will often times use Bow-and-Arrows on stealth missions in addition to their LR-Model 2 Blaster Rifle if assigned to the Infantry). Often times, they will dress in enemy clothing (like that of Confederation of the Sovereign States of Jod) to sneak behind enemy lines.

A Field Tactical Unit has the following mission profiles and abilities and they often operate in groups ranging from 3 personnel up to 15 personnel:

Field Tactical Unit personnel are also highly trained in martial arts, excellent hand-to-hand combatants, and can operate a variety of weapons, equipment, and vehicles.

FTUs are the Army's equal to the Kingdom Navy's Naval Reconnaissance Troopers (NRT), although even seasoned FTU members will admit that NRTs are a challenge to measure up to. Generally, in one-on-one sparring drills and skills tests, NRTs are superior to FTUs.

Despite that, FTUs and NRTs share a wealth of respect for each other and work together often on missions.

While the Strategic Command Army Trooper (SCAT) has replaced the Infantry in the King's Army except for select cases, the FTU has been integrated into both the Infantry and the SCAT program.

In both the Infantry and SCAT, members of FTU are given unique badges to wear on their Infantry clothing and SCAT armor (to set them apart from the rest when they rotate into regular units between special operations deployments); the badges are a circular badge with a black background that has two white LR-Model 2 Blaster Rifles crossed with a yellow infantry sword coming up in the middle behind them both. In red letters along the top of the badge interior it reads FIELD then along the bottom of the badge in red it reads TACTICAL UNIT. To receive the FTU badge is a special honor in the Army and not one taken lightly or for granted.