Ausria Kommando

A Field Agent Response Personnel or FARP are your bread-and-butter soldiers for The Organization. Like other personnel within the agency, they are selected for recruitment and as such, they leave their previous life behind. Most FARPs are mercenaries and other former military.

FARPs provide physical---and visible---armed security for agency buildings, assets, and personnel. They also provide rapid response to any situation as requested by an Organization Security Agent or Deep Cover Agent. FARPs are your lowest tier and entry level tier into the field operations of the agency. However, they are extremely accurate, quick, and deadly and should not be discounted because of their low tier.


FARP recruits are sent through the hardest Initial Stage of mental, health, and physical testing of any of the tiers. While, ideally, an Agent Recruiter would of already done the hard pre-screening & background checks before letting anyone into The Organization, such assumptions cannot be relied on as fact in the world of spying & intelligence.

Once passing the Initial Stage (all failures' recent memories are wiped and they are returned to their normal lives with no recent memory), FARP recruits are sent through a battery of mental, written, verbal, physical, and tactical team-based tactics & situational tests called the Launch Stage (all failures are likewise recent memory wiped and returned to their previous lives; however the more extensive memory wipes often leave irreversible brain damage).

Those who pass the Launch Stage are accepted into Field Agent School. The 6 month boot camp prepares cadets for the life of The Organization as a FARP and future roles with either OSA or DCA. After the six-month program, a cadet is certified a FARP and assigned to a Unit; a Unit composes of a platoon-level strength of 42 FARP soldiers that are deployed and positioned accordingly to support all field operations throughout the galaxy.


FARPs are trained in hand-to-hand combat, to use a variety of small to medium-level projectile and blaster weaponry, as well as heavy weapons. Furthermore, FARPs are trained for raids, long-range patrols, squad-level and platoon-level infantry tactics, and the use of varies land, air, and space vehicles. Finally, FARPs are trained to be quick, efficient, and above all else to act in stealth.