Raptor-class Fighter-Interceptor 001-0

FAIR Raptor-class Fighter / Interceptor

Considered the "complete package in starfighter design," the FAIR Raptor-class Fighter / Interceptor is packed full of technology, armor, and weapons and is generally considered a "heavy" starfighter in terms of weight and mass.

FAIR Raptor-class Fighter / Interceptor is black and gold and is only piloted by the very best in the Neoteric Starfighter Corps, however several test models were flown by Beast Soldiers during the attack on the rogue Rebel Alliance Dreadnought known as the Red Ocean.</p>



  • Jod Defense Engineering Shipwrights (original concept)
  • Terran Engineering Shipwrights (consultant / designer / testing)
  • Morrison Enterprises and Engineering Productions (designer / testing / final construction)
    • Miradyne Limited (consultant / design / construction)
  • Deinonychus Squadron (field test program)

Product Line: Raptor-series

Model: FAIR

  • Fast-Attack-Intercept-Reconnaissance

Class: Starfighter


  • Fighter
  • Interceptor
  • Reconnaissance

Cost: Not Available For Sale

Length: 11 meters

Maximum Acceleration: 4,100 G (comparison)

MGLT: 105 (comparison)

Maximum Speed (Atmosphere): 1,400 km/h (comparison #1 / comparison #2)

Maneuverability Rating: 97 DPF (comparison)

Engine Units: Quadex Kryomaster Engine (cooling lines run out to the over-sized exhaust vents over the two J-77 Event Horizons; the exhaust vents were designed to handle the Kryomaster Engine in specific); 2 J-77 Event Horizons

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 4.0

Hyperdrive System: Same as TIE Advanced x1

Power Plant: Vinop O2K Cryogenic Power Cells and Ionization Reactor; 2 Portable Fusion Generators have been greatly modified and retrofitted to assist in power supply to the weapon systems and ship systems in general

Shielding: Chempat Engineered Defensesshields (75 SBD; comparison)

Hull: Titanium-reinforced Alusteel hull with Quadanium Steel frame; the engine housings and cockpit (immediate surrounding area around the pilot, not the whole bow of craft) is enclosed in Durasteel

Navigation System: LpL-449 Navigation Computer

Avionics: F-s4 Flight Avionics System

Sensor System: Fabritech ANs-7 Sensor Unit with PA-94 Long Range Phased Tachyon Detection Array and PG-7u Short Range Primary Threat Analysis Grid

Targeting System: ANq 3.6 Tracking Computer with T-s9a Targeting Computer

Countermeasures: ChaffFlaresMiradyne Limited 4x-Phantom Short-Range Sensor Jammer

Special Design Features



Escape Craft: 1 Ejection Pod (the forward cockpit is the Durasteel enclosed pod that can eject from the craft)</p> Crew: 1 Pilot

Passengers: None

Cargo Capacity: 65 Kilograms

Consumables: 3 Days

Life Support: None

  • Once activated, the escape pod has a limited life support capability for rationed use
  • Pilots must wear a Armored Flight Suit with a self-contained life support system

Other Systems / Equipment:



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