Director 54-A (Sean Connery, "The Rock")

The Organization is headed by a single man, named the Director. Director's operate under their number as Director, which resets at 100, ensuring that Directors never exceed the number 100. However, Directors also operate under a letter of their last name. The current Director since the Clone Wars has been Director 54-A.

Directors hold final decision making in all matters and their authority cannot be challenged with The Organization; a Director serves until death. Directors are elected by the Council of Corellia and were considered, at one time, the best OSA or DCA of their era in the field. Directors are excellent managers, resource specialists, & battlefield strategists and are considered intelligence hawks.

It has been rumored that Director 54-A is part of a secret pact with the Queen's Guardsmen regarding The Prophecy and the Shadow War, although this has not been verified.