1296x675 19380 Carrier 3d sci fi tank carrier picture image digital art

Designed and built by Tactical Solutions, the Direct Action Armored Personnel Carrier (DA-APC) is part of the New Fleet Modernization Program and entered service during the last year of the Sethas-Po'leks Wars of Aggression. Not much is known about the DA-APC, it's designer and builder a new comer to the armored vehicle world and better known for stealth technology, sensors, and communications equipment.

What is known about the DA-APC is it has a new highly classified style of sensor-deflecting stealth armor for armored vehicles, reducing it's sensor profile to enemy profiles. It also features quieter engines for night-time operations, technology to reduce heat signature from the engines, smaller size to reduce it's target area, and "black armor technology," a new design of armor that is able to switch between the standard (pictured) color armor scheme and pure black stealth armor with the change with daylight, rendering the DA-APC almost invisible at night to the naked eye.

The DA-APC has speed comparable to that of a Mobile Tactical Fighting Vehicle and is equipped with an array of sensors and communications equipment that is comparable to the All-Terrain Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Equipped with two forward turreted Mk-44 Bushmaster IIs and four CROWS-equipped turreted Miniguns. Counter-measures include Smoke Grenade Launchers, Chaff Launchers, and Flare Launchers. The DA-APC has 6 gunners and a driver/commander and can carry up to 21 troops.

The DA-APC is quickly becoming a favorite among forces and is widely being used by the Federal Army, Marines, and Marine Special Action Forces.