Deputy Director 3-H; "Death's Whisperer"

The Deputy Director of The Organization is considered the second highest ranking person within the agency. A Deputy Director is elected by the Council of Corellia and serves until death; Deputy Directors support the Director in whatever roles and tasks necessary and is generally considered the "Operations Director" in function.

In reality, Deputy Directors are considered the "muscle" within The Organization, operating as the "thug" of The Organization and shielding the Director from all unnecessary questions---which usually allows the Deputy Director to operate independently from the Director in making both COLT and Field Operations decisions. Like Director's Deputy Director are identified by a number resetting at 100 with the first letter of their last name.

The current Deputy Director, Deputy Director 3-H, has been nicked "Death's Whisperer," due to his brutality and reputation for being ruthless to the enemies of The Organization.