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CBI Business Park

Corellia Business Investments or CBI is the front company for The Organization. Under CBI's control are the following:

All of The Organization's activities are concealed in several top-secret underground bunkers buried deep under the main building in the CBI Business Park and connected to smaller bunkers under each of the other buildings in the business park via tunnels. The CBI Business Park's tallest building is the Central Corporate Headquarters (CCH) for Corellia Business Investments, while the surrounding 12 buildings are all central corporate headquarters for the above listed companies under CBI's control.

The CBI Business Park itself is swarmed with Field Agent Response Personnel and Organization Security Agents posing as CBI Business Park security, as well as undercover OSAs and regular Technicians spread throughout the entire CBI Business Park and all of the other companies' civilian operations.

The CBI Motorpool has 14 underground hangers in the CBI Business Park. The two hangers under CCH are the most secure and completely off-limits to all personnel not on a need for access.

The Organization's Director holds the position of CBI Chairman under an assumed identity and name.