The CBI Motorpool is a monstrous collection of 14 underground hangers in the CBI Business Park. The various collection of land-based, air-based, water-based, and space-based vehicles & vessels are under Corellia Business Investments' control.

The CBI Motor Pool has a hanger under each of the 12 different corporate headquarters in the CBI Business Park; in each hanger are several vehicles & vessels dedicated to The Organization use (these vehicles normally look civilian with heavily modified concealed upgrades such as armor, sensors, engines, communications, or hidden compartments and ship-based weapons).

The Central Corporate Headquarters' (CCH) has two hangers that are both highly and equally secure. One hanger serves the same function as the other 12 hangers within the CBI Business Park, while the second hanger serves the military-arm of The Organization, housing several military grades vessels and vehicles, as well as the staging area for all Field Agent Response Personnel for assignments & assignments at CBI Business Park.

Even for The Organization's most militaristic missions & assignments under the Field Agent Response Personnel, most vehicles & vessels under the CBI Motorpool do not exceed the size of a high customized & modified light freighter or freighter. Even for military application, the CBI Motorpool does not exceed AT-ST Walkers, Imperial Troop Transport, GX12 Hovervan, and X10 Groundcruisers, all vehicles used for the defense of the CBI Business Park in an event of a security breach as well.