Location: Kingdom of Jod; Companion Cresh (satellite galaxy)

The Beast home world after the destruction of their world of Prime and after the end of the Great War. Like on the world of Prime, Beasts remain in underground caves, where their cities and shipyards are oftentimes protected against the attacks by both Shadow & Spider Command.

Remaining in caves, also allow Beast forces to lure their enemies down into maze-like tunnel systems that confuse and separate Jod Military Forces (JMF), allowing for their easy destruction. Furthermore, unless someone knows the tunnels very well, it is almost impossible to maneuver armored vehicles into the Beast underground tunnels. While the JMF has attempted to destroy the tunnels either through orbital bombardments or planted explosives by Field Tactical Units, the Beasts simply rebuild or dig their tunnels deeper where orbital bombardments are rendered useless and force extremely high-risk missions for FTUs.

The planet itself is almost impossible to live on the surface, with extremely high temperatures during the day and even colder near-freezing temperatures at night. This allows the Beasts to plan night-time raids against JMF personnel on their planet, knowing that the JMF are unlikely to conduct raids during the hot heat of the day.

Planetary locations in the Kingdom of Jod 001

Kingdom of Jod planetary locations